Drilling Simulator 3

 designed for both iPhone and iPad



Drilling Simulator 1:

– Drilling on vertical well, kick detection, shut-in, stabilisation of pressures (sidpp, sicp, kick volume), save to iCloud to import from other app “Well Control Simulator”.

Drilling Simulator 2:

all of drilling simulator 1 PLUS Direcional and horizontal wells, well control using 01 choke and 01 single kick bubble on borehole and graphical analysis.

Drilling Simulator 3 (New)

all of drilling simulator 2 PLUS:

1 – until 03 single kick bubbles on the borehole simultaneously

2 – standpipe manifold and choke manifold with 02 chokes and straight through

3 – failures schedule with Random option:

– Mud Pumps 1 and 2 “power end failure” or “fluid end failure”,

– Chokes 1 and 2 “plugged” or “washed”,

– One Drill Bit Nozzle “plugged” or “washed”

4 – Drill Pipe Float Valve (non-ported)

5 – Finger Gestures up/down to move the drill string (the kick is induced by swabbing effect for volumetric methods)

User Guide – Coming Soon








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