Kick Tolerance (Lite)

A free version  for both iPhone and iPad!



This app is applied on oil wells (drilling operations) and it provides the Kick Tolerance as maximum kick volume concept.

This is a limited version using the drill string just drill pipe and drill collar to help in the understanding of this kick tolerance concept. It is an useful tool for students on the well control schools, drilling engineering universities, etc.

For more features like maximum pore pressure concept, graphical analysis, choke line effects on deepwater, directional and horizontal wells, drill string w/ 5 sections, temperature gradient effects, data files, etc, check the full version available for sale on the our portfolio.

This app was developed based in existent spreadsheets. There is no comparison with any other software.

Our goal was to create an application with the help of experts to share with drilling engineers, technicians, drillers, students and teachers of drilling engineering.

There is no intention to replace the professional softwares.

You can contribute with suggestions for improvements, correcting the translation to english, reporting bugs and spreading it to your friends.


iPhone version



iPad version



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