Oil & Gas Apps for Mac OS X now available on Mac App Store: iCloud Support

Update for All Apps for Mac OS X

iCloud and Data Files



New Versions:

1. Directional Drilling Survey 2.2

2. Drilling Cost 1.1

3. Drilling Hydraulics 1.8

4. Kick Tolerance 1.3

5. Leak-Off Test Analyzer 1.1

6. Well Control Methods 1.7

7. Well Control Worksheets 1.1

New in this updates:

1. Fixes issues reported by users

2. Fixed Data File Type for each app. Launch the app by double clicking on data file icon.

3. iCloud support: Sharing Data Files with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (Directional Survey, Drilling Cost and Drilling Hydraulics are ok,  the next versions coming soon to the other apps)

4. Mountain Lion Tested

Data File for each App


Data Files on the iCloud






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Well Control

We are a team of specialists in petroleum engineering with over 24 years of expertise in oil wells drilling and workover operations. We have in our portfolio Well Control Simulators for training and Monitoring Systems for the oil industry. Our mission is to bring petroleum specialists and students innovative tools which will provide safety and efficiency to their work.

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