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Drilling Hydraulics 1.4  Well Control Methods 1.4  Kick Tolerance 1.2 
DH_150x150.png WC3_150x150.png KT3_150_150.png

New in this update:

1. Fixed bug when editing diameters of drillstring;
2. Fixed units of TVD on Oilfield1;
3. Added Option: [X] Alert for invalid values after [enter] key.

This application works as a simulator, where you can move the drill string up/down and do the positioning of the depth of the kick. For this, you must configure the well and the drill string with valid values for the modeling.

Example of invalid values​​:

– Bit depth > well depth;
– Casing shoe > well depth;
– ID >= OD;
– Riser depth > casing shoe;

 Well Configuration:


Save Option in Preference:



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