Directional Drilling Survey for Mac OS X – Lion

Please, see a more newly post: Directional Drilling Survey for Mac OS X 2.3.1



1. Well Planning Definition;

2. Ability to work with multiple data files;

3. Directional Survey: Edit, Add, Insert and Remove Survey Data;

4. Calculations Methods:

– Tangential

– Balanced Tangential

– Minimum Curvature

– Radius of Curvature

– Angle Averaging

5. Projections in vertical view and plan view;

6. Ability to PRINT and send reports by email;

7. Survey Data Calculations in all methods simultaneously;

8. Formulas of Methods;

9. Ability to work with length units: foot and meter;

10. Vertical Section View, Plan View and X-Y-Z Plotting.

11. Ability to Multilateral wells survey (limited to 6 wells).

12. Ability to use Initial Vertical Section and Initial Azimuth

to move the KOP to initial horizontal departure.

13. Ability to X-Y-Z Plotting of a single well or multi wells (limited to n wells).

DD3_10_02.png  DD3_10_03.png


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