Leak-Off Test Simulator for iPad 2.0 

Redesigned for iOS 7 




This app provides a graphical very useful tool for training of Technicians, Drillers, Toolpushers, Drilling Engineers, Students and others professionals of the oil & gas industry to simulate a leak-off test.

About the Leak-off Test on drilling operations:

A test to determine the strength or fracture pressure of the open formation, usually conducted immediately after drilling below a new casing shoe.

For new features, report bugs, improvements and suggestions please contact us: contact@wellcontrol.com.br


– For well control simulation, use another app “Well Control Simulator“.
– For kick tolerance analysis, use another app “Kick Tolerance“;
– For methods to control, use another app “Well Control Methods“;
– For drilling simulation, use another app “Drilling Simulator“;
– For hydraulic calculations, use another app “Drilling Hydraulics“;

These tools can complement (work with) this simulator by importing /exporting data files which can be used in this application;


1) Panel with the following parameters: pump pressure, choke pressure, mud pump speed, strokes totalizer, flow rate, mud weight and volume;
2) Intuitive graphical interface: Instruments with pointers to the parameters: DP pressure, choke pressure and open/close hydraulic choke;

3. Graph Options:

– Pressures DP / Choke and Volume Pumped versus Pumping Time;
– Pressures Dp/ Choke and Pumping Time versus Volume Pumped;

4) Panel with alarms: pump failure, bop failure and bop status;
5) Toolbar with buttons: Data File, Well Config, Restart, Ranges, Set Alarms, Graph Limits, Pause/Continue, Restart, Set BOP, Send by email, about;
6) Set drill string with drillpipe1, drillpipe2, heavy-weight, drillcollar1 and drillcollar2;
7) Select floating rig or land rig;
8) Select unit systems: Metric, SI, Oilfield and others (mix). Select units also per parameter;
9) set fluid parameters: mud weight, plastic viscosity, yield point and initial gel;
10) Select rheological models: Power or Bingham;
11) Set gradients: absorption and fracture;
12) Set jet nozzles or fixed TFA;
13) Set choke parameters and BOP test pressure;
14) Vertical or Slant Well Type (KOP, TVD and Measured Depth);
15) Set surface circulation equipments (mud pump and lines);
16) Save configuration to data files;
17) Select circulation options: drillpipe -> riser and drillpipe -> choke, Close/Open (Hard shut-in) the well;
18) Reset alarms: pump failure: max pump speed, max pump pressure and max pump power;
19) Register the pressures at the kill speed ;
20) Show schematic of well with drillstring;
21) Shut-in the well using hard method;
22) Circulation on slow rate (kill speed);
23) Useful for filling of Standardized Kill Sheets for Well Control;
24) Useful for Filling of Previous Recorded Sheets;
25) Analysis of the Choke Line effects in Maximum Choke Pressure;
26) Analysis of the Effect of porosity and permeability on absorption curve;
27) Simulation of the Leak-Off Test operation and Graphical Analysis of the Leak-Off Test
28) Capacities and Volumes calculations;
29) Hydrostatic and critical pressures calculations;
30) Hydraulics calculations;
31) Printing and email attachments with retina display ;
32) Selection of units also per parameter;
33) Ability to import well data from other apps;
34) Ability to use the iPad on landscape position on all views;
35) Recalculate DP as necessary to surface automatically with bit on bottom when editing BHA or Well Depth;  



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