Well Control Simulator for iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0

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 Current version


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Well Control Simulator Provides a graphical very useful tool for training of roughnecks, derrickmen, drillers, tool pushers, drilling engineers and students in the well control procedures. 

– Interactive System: no pre-set methods; 
– Ability to apply methods: Driller’s method, wait and weight, dynamic volumetric and static volumetric (lubricate and bleed); 
– Capacities and Volumes; 
– Hydraulics and Hydrostatics and critical pressures calculations; 
– Behavior of the kick; 
– Applied with subsea stack and surface stack; 

Kick Model:
The model assumes that the kick starts as a single bubble and migrates upward as a single bubble from the bottom to the surface. 

– For Simulation of drilling and kick detection, use the another app “Drilling Simulator“. 
– For Simulation of leak-off test, use the another app “Leak-Off Test Simulator“; 
– About methods to control, use the another app “Well Control Methods“;

These tools can complement (work with) this simulator by creating files which can be used in this application;

New Screenshots 


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