Oil and Gas Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac: Importing data from other apps using iCloud

Oil and Gas Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac 

New in the next updates: Importing data from other apps using iCloud


The apps are being updated with a new feature to import data from other apps using iCloud.

The Drilling Hydraulics App is ready to submit to App Store with these new features:

1- Support for iOS 6;
2- Added two mud pumps (total 04);
3- Added booster line;
4- Added Drilling Motor (Entry of the Pressure Drop Across Motor by User, using Motor Performance Curves chart);
5- Ability to select units per parameter;
6- Ability to import well data from other apps;
7- Improvements to print views;
8- Ability to use the iPad on landscape position on all views;
9- Recalculate DP as necessary to surface automatically with bit on bottom when editing BHA or Well Depth;
10- Added option to select velocity unit to #/min or #/sec;
11- On circulation by kill, option to select return by riser or choke.
12- Added column in well configuration with internal volume for each pipe section;

This is the best time for suggestions and bug reports.

We are updating all apps with support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

On the next weeks, We will submit the new versions of the apps for approval by apple.

– Drilling Simulator
– Drilling Hydraulics
– Drilling Cost
– Well Control Simulator
– Well Control Methods
– Well Control Worksheets
– Kick Tolerance
– Leak-Off Test Simulator
– Leak-Off Test Analyzer
– Directional Drilling Survey

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Well Control

We are a team of specialists in petroleum engineering with over 24 years of expertise in oil wells drilling and workover operations. We have in our portfolio Well Control Simulators for training and Monitoring Systems for the oil industry. Our mission is to bring petroleum specialists and students innovative tools which will provide safety and efficiency to their work.

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