Well Control Methods for Mac OS X (Lion Version)


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The Well Control for Mac provides to drillers, tool pushers, engineers, chemists, students and other professionals in Oil & Gas industry a productivity tool helpful in drilling of oil wells the understanding the methods of well control.

This application uses the basic calculations of the methods to control oil wells after the occurrence of kick during drilling operations on floating platforms and landing rigs.

Well Control Methods: 

1. Driller’s Method
2. Wait and Weight
3. Static Volumetric: Migration;
4. Static Volumetric: Lubricate and Bleed (Top Kill)
5. Dynamic Volumetric

Others features: 

1) Calculations of Riser Safety Margin;
2) Included the formulas;
3) Ability to work with data files;
4) Pop-up view to alert user about invalid values (option);
5) Ability to move drillstring and position of kick off the bottom;
6) Views with calculations of hydrostatics, capacities, volumes and more.
7) Defining the parameters of the well, drillstring, drill bit, mud (fluid), mud pumps, circulation lines on surface, diameter and coefficient of choke and more;
8) Options wells in floating units or in drilling land rigs;
9) Choice of rheological models (Bingham and Power);
10) Calculation of the ECD on bottom hole and the casing shoe;
11) Hydrostatic calculations at the bottom hole and the casing shoe;
12) Selecting the system of units;
15) Drill string sections: Drillpipe1, Drillpipe2, Heavy Weight, drill collar 1 and drill collar 2.
16) Included Qty / Size of Jet Nozzles;
17) Option for Bit TFA fixed;
18) View for Internal pipe and Annulus friction losses and hydrostatic calculations.
19) Directional basics Hydrostatic calculations (KOP, Bottom Hole and Casing Shoe TVD and Measured Depth)
20) Summary of methods;
21) Sections in the well: Riser, Casing, Liner and Open Hole.

New in this update 1.5.2:

– Added Drillpipe 2 to the drillstring;
– Added Liner;
– Improved performance on saving data file;
– Improvements with well configuration; 




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