Leak-Off Test Simulator



This app provides a graphical very useful tool for training of Technicians, Drillers, Toolpushers, Drilling Engineers, Students and others professionals of the oil & gas industry to simulate leak-off test.

About the Leak-off Test on drilling operations:
A test to determine the strength or fracture pressure of the open formation, usually conducted immediately after drilling below a new casing shoe.
Initially, pumping fluid into the borehole results in volumetric compression of the drilling mud column and elastic expansion of the casing string plus rock around the borehole. As the pressure in the borehole increases, the leak-off pressure (LOP) is reached when the relationship between pressure increase and volume of fluid pumped deviates from linear. This occurs when fluid begins to diffuse into the formation at a more rapid rate as the rock begins to dilate. Generally, a LOT is a test that finishes immediately after LOP is reached.

1. Intuitive graphical interface;
2. Ability to work with multiple files;
3. Set ranges for graph and Maximum Manometer Pressure (Choke);
4. Graph Options:
– Pressures DP / Choke and Volume Pumped versus Pumping Time;
– Pressures DP / Choke and Pumping Time versus Volume Pumped;
5. Data edition (Well Configuration);
6. Vertical or Slant Well Type (KOP, TVD and Measured Depth);
7. Ability to send screenshots by email;
8. Tap with finger and moving it in the graph area to obtain Choke Pressure,
Equivalent Density, Equivalent Gradient, Volume Pumped and Pumping Time.

Basic Exercise:
1. Close BOP and Choke;
2. Set Mud Pump Speed;
3. Monitor the Choke Pressure;
4. When the pressure deviates from linear, stop the mud pump;
5. Wait until the choke pressure stabilize;
6. Tap on graph to obtain data;
7. Open choke to bleed until choke pressure to zero;





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