Kick Game 2– A Well Control Simulator with Score

Challenge your colleagues !!!

Now Available on the App Store !!!



Designed for both iPhone and iPad



This is a basic well control simulator like a kick game for training that simulates the operations after the kick detection during the drilling operations in the oil well.
This is a new project based on app “Well Control Simulator 2” available in our portfolio on the App Store.
1. Interface based on Hydraulic Choke Panel.
2. Graph (with background color in black or white) for analysis.
3. Pre-recorded data sheet (iPad) and Strokes Calculations (iPhone)
4. Wells: Surface and Subsea (EDITABLE).
In this special version (paid) with:
1. Full features available.
2. The well parameters are editable.
3. No need coins to play.
4. No need internet connection to play.
For a more realistic simulation:
– Reading of the control parameters based on gauge.
– Simulation without pause.
The maximum score is calculated considering a safety margin according the game level in addition to the annular losses with original mud weight.

iPhone 6 Plus version




iPad version





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