Kick Game – A Well Control Simulator with Score

Challenge your colleagues !!!

Designed for both iPhone and iPad

Now available on App Store !!!







This is a basic well control simulator like a game with score for training that simulates the operations after the kick detection during the drilling operations in the oil well.

A new project based on app “Well Control Simulator – Choke Panel” available in our portfolio on the App Store.


1. Interface based on Hydraulic Choke Panel.

2. Graph (with background color in black or white) for analysis.
3. Pre-recorded data sheet (iPad) and Strokes Calculations (iPhone)
4. Wells: Surface and Subsea pre-defined (Non-editable).

For a more realistic simulation:

– Reading of the control parameters based on gauge.
– Simulation without pause.

The maximum score is calculated considering a safety margin according the game level in addition to the annular losses with original mud weight.

Free for download !!! but with in-app purchases to play: 10 coins per USD 0.99

Bonus: The first circulation (annular volume from bit to choke) of the driller’s method on well with surface stack.

iPhone 6 Plus version




iPad version




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