Drilling Well for Calculations

 a FREE app for Mac (OS X)


This app is free and it is a contribution to the community of the Oil & Gas.
This app provides an useful tool to help students and professionals in calculations of capacities, volumes and other parameters of oil wells in the drilling operations.
This tool is the same used to configure the well in the our apps:
– Drilling Hydraulics
– Kick Tolerance
– Well Control Methods
Available on the Mac App Store
More details at our website: www.wellcontrol.com.br
– Well Sections (riser, casing, liner, open hole)
– Set Vertical or Directional well
– Set Surface or Subsea well
– Surface Connections
– Drillstring Sections and Drilling Motor
– Mud Weight, Fracture Gradient and Temperature
– Bit Nozzles and Mud Pumps parameters
– Elevation System
– And other parameters
– Capacities, Volumes and Pump Strokes
– True Pump Output and Flow Rate
– Hydrostatic at Shoe Depth and at Bottom
– Maximum Surface Pressure
– Temperature at Shoe Depth and at Bottom
– Buoyancy Factor and Hookload
– Bit Nozzles TFA
– And other calculations
Share data files via iCloud between iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac or send to friends by native Mail app.
Select the unit system: Metric, SI, OilField, Mix or select units per parameter

Also provides a tool (Quick Calcs) to calculations on one section (hydrostatic, friction loss, volumes, capacities and drill bit nozzles loss)

New in this update:

– Fixes iCloud to sharing data files with iOS version (for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)


Visit our Portfolio on the App Store for more Oil & Gas apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac OS X.


Visit our website for more Oil & Gas apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac OS X.





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