Well Control Worksheets 1.3


Current Version: 1.2 

available on App Store

This application uses the worksheets based on standardized worksheets of the methods to control oil wells after the occurrence of kick during drilling operations on floating rigs with subsea stack and rigs with surface stack.
This app is great for use in the offices: Toolpusher, drilling engineer, company man, technicians, superintendent and OIM.
It can be used on the rig (offices) by drilling staff and also help in the understanding of the methods of well control.
Well Control Worksheets for Methods:
– Driller’s Method
– Wait and Weight Method
– Option to select “Subsea Stack” or “Surface Stack”
– Option to Select Unit Systems: METRIC, SI, IMPERIAL and MIX
– Selection of units also per parameter (new)
– Printing and attachments with retina display (new)
– Ability to use gestures (new)

New in this version 1.3:

– Support for iOS 6 
– Selection of units also per parameter 
– Improved printing and attachments with retina display 
– Improvements with gestures 
– Bug fixes





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