Well Control Methods

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iPhone and iPod Touch:  Current version 2.2 on App Store
iPad: Current version 2.2 on App Store
Mac OS X Lion: Current version 1.5.2 on App Store

This application uses the basic calculations of the methods to control oil wells after the occurrence of kick during drilling operations on floating platforms and land rigs.

It is can be applied in the oilfield of petroleum and also help in understanding the methods of well control.

Well Control Methods:

1. Driller’s Method
2. Wait and Weight
3. Dynamic Volumetric
4. Static Volumetric – Migration / Bleed
5. Static Volumetric – Lubricate / Bleed

All iDevices:

– Option to input Kill Rate Pressure (Slow Circulation Pressure), Choke Line losses, Strokes Annular/Drillstring manually or calculated on Driller’s / Wait & Wait Methods; 

WCM2_23_01 WCM2_23_02

iPhone, iPod Touch only:

– Added new views with procedures for driller’s method and wait and weight method; 

WCM1_23_03  WCM1_23_04

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:

– Replaced examples with new examples from app “Well Control Simulator”. 






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