WCMethods for iPad, release 2.0

New in this release:

1. Added DrillCollar 2 to Drillstring;

2. Basic Directional (Well type Slant): KOP, Casing Shoe Vertical Depth, Well TVD.

3. Improved Well Configuration;

4. Fixed issue with SIDPP;

5. Fixed some issues with translation;

6. Review of calculations;

7. Improved Load/Save Data File;

8. Save Button in all views.


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This application uses the basic calculations of the methods to control oil wells after the occurrence of kick during drilling operations on floating platforms and land rigs.

This full version is completely interactive and allows users to define a wide variety of parameters for oil wells and unit system, save data and more.

It is can be applied in the field of petroleum and also help in understanding the methods of well control.

Well Control Methods:

1. Driller’s Method
2. Wait and Weight
3. Dynamic Volumetric
4. Static Volumetric – Migration / Bleed
5. Static Volumetric – Lubricate / Bleed

Others features:

6) Calculations of Riser Safety Margin;
7) Included the formulas;
8) Ability to work with multiple files;
9) Pop-up view to alert user about invalid values;
10) Send resume of methods by email.
11) Views with calculations of hydrostatics, capacities, volumes and more.






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