MPD Simulator

for iPhone and iPad

New version 3.0

added Dark Mode (iOS 13 or higher) and a lot of technical improvements.
– added RCD dynamic pressure settings
– added confirmation alert to operate MPD Equipments
– added 3D drill with real-time rotation
– additional ability to keep your finger on the buttons to operate them continuously (SPM, RPM and WOB)
– Added confirmation alert to reset failures
– added light alert on operation panel for RCD and DSIT failures
– added maximum RCD dynamic pressure calculation for current RPM
– added formation equivalent gradient in kick formation settings
– added overbalance/underbalance in kick formation settings
– and other improvements
MPD RCD Dynamic PressuresMPD_Simulator_02MPD_Simulator_03MPD_Simulator_04MPD_Simulator_05MPD_Simulator_06MPD_Simulator_07MPD_Simulator_08

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