Kick Tolerance for iPhone and iPod Touch


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New in this version:
1. Option to select unit systems: METRIC, SI, Imperial and OilField 2;
2. Bugs Fixes: Editing well and casing shoe TVD and bit depth.


The Kick Tolerance provides the drilling engineers, chemists, students and other professionals in the petroleum industry a productivity tool helpful in drilling operation (well control) and planning phase of oil wells.

This application deals with two concepts:

1- Kick Tolerance as Maximum Pore Equivalent Weight;
2- Kick Tolerance as Maximum Kick Volume.

Both with graphical analyses.

KT1_21_01.PNG KT1_221_03.jpg
KT1_21_09.PNG KT1_21_12.PNG
KT1_21_02.PNG KT1_21_03.PNG
kt1_21_04.PNG KT1_21_05.PNG


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