Drilling Hydraulics for Mac (Snow Leopard)

(iMac, Macbook and Macbook Air)


Awaiting for approval by Apple 

The Drilling Hydraulics provides the driller, tool pushers, engineers, chemists, students and other professionals in the petroleum industry a productivity tool helpful in drilling of oil wells for hydraulics calculations, optimization of the penetration rate and can help on the decision on selection of bit nozzles.


1. Defining the parameters of the well, drill string, drill bit, mud (fluid), mud pumps, circulation lines on surface, diameter and coefficient of choke and more;
2. Options outstanding: Injecting into the drill string with the return flowline or by injecting the kill line to return the choke;
3. Options wells in floating units or in drilling land rigs;
4. Use of two mud pumps in parallel;
5. Choice of rheological models (Bingham and Power);
6. Calculations of the hydraulic drill bit and the system by friction;
7. Frictional losses in all sections, also showing the length, velocity, flow regime, hydrostatic and Reynolds number in each section.
8. Calculation of the ECD on bottom hole and the casing shoe;
9. Hydrostatic calculations at the bottom hole and the casing shoe;
10. Calculation of bottoms up time;
11. Pressure x Flow Rate and scale definition. Ability to change bit depth or bit TFA for instantaneous plotting.
12. Selecting the system of units;
13. Saves the data to reload later.
14. Ability to work with multiple files;
15. Drill string sections: Drill pipe, Heavy-weight drill pipe, drill collar 1 and drill collar 2.
16. View for Hydraulics Optimization: Ability to change Flow Rate, Bit TFA and Bit Depth;
17. Graphics with option to change Bit TFA;
18. Included Qty / Size of Jet Nozzles;
19. Option for Bit TFA fixed;
20. View for Internal pipe and Annulus friction losses and hydrostatic calculations.
21. Directional basics Hydrostatic calculations (KOP, Bottom Hole and Casing Shoe TVD and Measured Depth)





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