Kick Tolerance for iPhone and iPod Touch, release 2.0

1) New Views for KT calculations for both the concepts with data input by the user;

2) Added a new section on the drill string: Heavy-weight Drillpipe;
3) Ability to Print screenshots;
4) Ability to Send screenshots by email;
5) Improvement of performance after revision of code;
6) update for iOS 4.2 or above;
7) Fixed BUG with loading data files;



KickTol_01_1.PNG KickTol_02_1.PNG
KickTol_03_1.PNG KickTol_04_1.PNG
KickTol_05_1.PNG KickTol_06_1.PNG
KickTol_07_1.PNG KickTol_08_1.PNG
KickTol_09_1.PNG KickTol_10_1.PNG


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