Update for Kick Tolerance for iPhone and iPod Touch, release 2.0, submitted to iTunes App Store

Kick Tolerance for iPhone and iPod Touch, release 2.0

1) New Views for KT calculations for both the concepts with data input by the user;

2) Added a new section on the drill string: Heavy-weight Drillpipe;
3) Ability to Print screenshots;
4) Ability to Send screenshots by email;
5) Improvement of performance after revision of code;
6) update for iOS 4.2 or above;
7) Fixed BUG with loading data files;



KickTol_01_1.PNG KickTol_02_1.PNG
KickTol_03_1.PNG KickTol_04_1.PNG
KickTol_05_1.PNG KickTol_06_1.PNG
KickTol_07_1.PNG KickTol_08_1.PNG
KickTol_09_1.PNG KickTol_10_1.PNG








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