Ton Miles for Round-Trip

Ton Miles for Round-Trip

 for iPhone and iPad now available

on the App Store



This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

This application provides the ton miles calculations for round-trip operations in the oil field services.

This app was developed based on API Recommended Practice 9B (API RP 9B).

This version uses the drill string with drill pipe, heavy-weight and two drill collars.

You can contribute with suggestions for improvement, reporting bugs and sharing with your friends.


iPhone version



iPad Version


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Published by

Well Control

We are a team of specialists in petroleum engineering with over 24 years of expertise in oil wells drilling and workover operations. We have in our portfolio Well Control Simulators for training and Monitoring Systems for the oil industry. Our mission is to bring petroleum specialists and students innovative tools which will provide safety and efficiency to their work.

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