Directional Calculations 2.0 for iPhone and iPad

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This app is applied in the oil well drilling and provides a useful tool to make the calculations more commons in directional drilling to help students, drillers, technicians, drilling engineers and other  professionals of Oil and Gas industry. 1 – Calculates the survey parameters between two survey stations using the five methods (tangential, tangential balanced, minimum curvature, radius of curvature and average angle) 2 – Calculates the parameters of the 2D wells (types I, II and horizontal) 3 – Calculates the parameters of a 3D section (changing of the inclination and azimuth between the sections) 4 – Calculates the projection of the Closure Distance on the target azimuth (vertical section) 5 – Saves data on iCloud to share between iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad For other advanced features like Well Planning, Survey Stations, Plotting Vertical Section, Plan View and X-Y-Z (3D), Multilateral wells, Well Planning Interpolation, save and share data files, etc, please check for our other app “Directional Drilling” coming soon on the App Store. Please, before you buy, make sure this app will be useful to you. This app was developed based on our experience. There is no comparison with any other software. Our goal was to create a basic and very low-cost application with the help of experts to share with drilling engineers, technicians, drillers, students and teachers of drilling engineering. There is no intention to replace the professional softwares. You can contribute with suggestions for improvements, correcting the translation to english, reporting bugs and spreading it to your friends.

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