Directional Drilling Survey

for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac OS X

Version 3.0 now available on the App Store


Current Versions

for iPhone for iPad for Mac
Download on App Store Download on App Store Available on Mac App Store
User Guide (html) User Guide (html)

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New in this update 3.0:

– New Well Planning to wells more complex;

– Input sections with MD, Inc, Azimuth;

– Calculations of the Well Planning with Minimum Curvature method;

– Editing complete parameters for KOP or Tie On;

– Editing complete parameters for the TARGET;

– The previous input method now is a “Calculation Tool”;

– Show the sections table;

– Ability to import/export well planning in CSV text format (copy & paste);

– Easy tool for editing 2D Wells and ability to set as new Well Planning;

– Several improvements with Survey Stations and multilateral Wells features;

– Bug Fixes

Screenshots submitted to the App Store

for iPhone and iPod Touch 3.0


DDS1_30_06DDS1_30_03_RetinaDDS1_30_04_Retina DDS1_30_05_Retina

for iPad 3.0


 for Mac OS X 3.0



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