Directional Drilling Survey Apps


New updates submitted to App Store for approval by Apple

New in versions 2.3: 

– Ability to Import Survey from CSV text format using copy and paste

Current Versions:

 for iPhone and iPod Touch for iPad  for Mac OS X 
Oil & Gas Apps for iOS(iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) Oil & Gas Apps for OS X(iMac and Macbook)
resized__120x45_available_appstore_icon_ mac_app_store

Screenshots of the new version for iPhone and iPod Touch:

DDS1_23_02 DDS1_23_03
DDS1_23_09 DDS1_23_04
DDS1_23_05 DDS1_23_06
DDS1_23_07 DDS1_23_08

Screenshots of the new version for iPad: 


Screenshots of new version for Mac OS X:



More details at

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