Drilling Cost for Mac OS X 


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Drilling Cost per length unit drilled

The Drilling Cost provides to the drillers, toolpushers, drilling engineers, students and other professionals in the petroleum industry a productivity tool helpful in drilling operation to calculate the drilling cost per length unit drilled, analyze of drill bit performance and to use in planning phase of oil wells.

Drilling Cost = (B$ + RC$ (DT + TT)) ÷ LD

Cost = drilling cost per length unit
B$ = bit cost, $
RC = rig cost per hour, $ / h
DT = drilling time, h
TT = trip time, h
LD = length drilled (ft,m)

This application provides an advanced feature that is the modeling of data Drill Cost vs. Length Drilled using quadratic regression. The minimum point of the parable may correspond to the time of the drill bit, where will occur the minimum cost. The more the R squared is close to 1, the result will be better.

1. Drilling Cost = c + b (LD) + a (LD)ˆ2
2. Drilling Cost = c + b (DT) + a (DT)ˆ2






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