Directional Drilling Survey for iPhone and iPod Touch


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The Directional Drilling Survey provides the control of directional drilling of oil wells with calculations and plotting of well planning data and survey data in vertical and plan views to help technicians, drillers, toolspushers and engineers of petroleum industry.

1. Well Planning Definition;
2. Ability to work with multiple data files;
3. Directional Survey: Edit, Add, Insert and Remove Survey Data;
4. Calculations Methods:
– Tangential
– Balanced Tangential
– Minimum Curvature
– Radius of Curvature
– Angle Averaging
5. Projections in vertical view and plan view;
6. Ability to send reports by email;
7. Survey Data Calculations in all methods
8. Formulas of Methods;
9. Ability to work with length units: foot and meter;
10. Vertical Section View in portrait
and Plan View in landscape.



iDirectional_01.PNG iDirectional_02.PNG
iDirectional_03.PNG iDirectional_04.PNG
iDirectional_05.PNG  iDirectional_08.PNG
iDirectional_09.PNG  iDirectional_12.PNG
iDirectional_11.PNG  iDirectional_10.PNG
iDirectional_07.PNG  iDirectional_06.PNG







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