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Drilling Simulator for iPad 2.1 with real sounds of a drilling rig

Drilling Simulator for iPad 2.1

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Drilling Simulator – Introductory level Provides a graphical very useful tool for training of roughnecks, derrickmen, drillers and students in basics drilling concepts and in the kick detection based on the behavior of the parameters during the drilling an oil well and of the behavior of kick in the well after the shut-in the well.
– Drilling (bit rotation, geolograph, neutral point ont he drill string);
– Hydraulics and Hydrostatics;
– Kick Detection on drilling;
– Hard Shut-in the well;
– Behavior of the kick;
– Stabilization of the pressures
– This app NOT allows to control the well after the drilling, kick detection and shut-in the well.
The simulation ends after the simulations of underground blowout and blowout to surface.
– Well Control Simulator.
– Well Control Methods;
– Kick Tolerance;
– Drilling Hydraulics;
– Leak-Off Test Simulator
These tools can complement (work with) this simulator by creating files which can be used in this application;
Other apps of our portfolio for Oil & Gas:
– Well Control Worksheets;
– Leak-Off Test Analyzer
– Drilling Cost
– Directional Survey;

– Drilling Hydraulics Basic;
– Directional Calculations
– Drilling Units Converter (free) 

New in this update:

Added real sounds recorded on the drilling rig:

1- Background;

2- Mud Pump;

3- Rotary table

4- Bop Accumulator Pump

5- Drawwork Motor

6- Drawwork Brake

7- Gas Out 

These features also added to iPhone version and Well Control Simulator (iPhone and iPad).

See videos at Youtube: 

1- Basic Drilling:

2- Blowout Simulation:



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Update to Drilling Hydraulics for Mac OS X 2.0: New features and improvements

Drilling Hydraulics for Mac OS X 2.0



The Drilling Hydraulics provides the driller, tool pushers, drilling engineers, chemists, students and other professionals in the petroleum industry a productivity tool helpful in drilling of oil wells for hydraulics calculations, optimization of the penetration rate and can help on the decision on selection of bit nozzles.Features:

1. Defining the parameters of the well, drill string, drill bit, mud (fluid), mud pumps, circulation lines on surface, diameter and coefficient of choke and more;
2. Options outstanding: Injecting into the drill string with the return flowline or by injecting the kill line to return the choke;
3. Options wells in floating units or in drilling landing rigs;
4. Use of two mud pumps in parallel (total 04 mud pumps)
5. Choice of rheological models (Bingham and Power);
6. Calculations of the hydraulic drill bit and the system by friction;
7. Frictional losses in all sections, also showing the length, velocity, flow regime and Reynolds number in each section.
8. Calculation of the ECD on bottom hole and the casing/liner shoe with TVD;
9. Hydrostatic calculations at the bottom hole and the casing/liner shoe with TVD;
10. Calculation of bottoms up time;
11. View for Hydraulics Optimization: Pressure x Flow rate chart with touchscreen and rotation (portrait / landscape) and scale definition. Ability to change bit depth or bit TFA for instantaneous plotting.
12. Selecting the system of units: METRIC, SI, FIELD 1 (Imperial) and FIELD 2 (mix).
13. Load / Save Data File.
14. Drillstring sections: Drill pipe 1, Drill pipe 2, Heavy Weight, Drill Collar 1 and Drill Collar 2.
15. Well sections: Riser, Casing, Liner and Open Hole;
16. Ability to select Qty / Size of Jet Nozzles of Drillbit.
17. Option for Bit TFA fixed;
18. Ability to send Hydraulics reports by email;
19. Circulating Kill Line -> Choke;

20. Directional basics Hydrostatic calculations (Bottom Hole , Casing Shoe, Liner Top and Liner Shoe TVD and Measured Depth)
21. Booster Line
22. Drilling Motor (Entry of the Pressure Drop Across Motor by user)

New in this update 2.0: 

– Added two mud pumps (total 04);
– Added booster line pump;
– Added Drilling Motor (Entry of the Pressure Drop Across Motor by User, using Motor Performance Curves chart);
– Ability to select units also per parameter;
– Ability to import well data from other apps;
– Recalculate DP as necessary to surface automatically with bit on bottom when editing BHA or Well Depth;
– Added option to select velocity unit to #/min or #/sec;
– On circulation by kill, option to select return by riser or choke.
– Show temperature on Celsious, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.